• Harley Di Nardo

Who am I? Filmmaker

Hey, Harley Here!

Hello! First off I want to say thank you so much for checking out how to break through your mental blocks ebook. I hope you found some helpful info in there. I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself.

I was born and raised in New York. I’m a filmmaker/musician. I have made short films, music videos, and last year I completed a feature film that won for best thriller at the Hollywood Independent Reel Festival it is now available to watch on iTunes and Amazon. I’ve done a little bit of everything in the production world. I have shot, I love to edit, and I also learned to color grade. I have done music for films and commercials. Years ago, in a parallel life I have recorded albums for Warner Bros and BMG. I’ve toured with some great acts.

I’ll give you a brief path to my filmmaking career. I’ll begin way back when I was about 10 years old. I fell in love with the Rocky films. I was obsessed with the underdog story. The guy no one even knows exists comes up to overcome insurmountable obstacles to win the championship of the world.

I was so obsessed that I wrote a small script titled The Golden Glove. It was small and it was kind of silly but it was my first script and I still have it.

Years later I was taken into the world of Rock music and there I stayed for some years.But eventually I was called back to my first passion…. making movies. I live the art of film. My whole life I could quote almost entire whole films. It just moved me. Still does. I have a photographic memory when it comes to movies. So, that serves me well when I read scripts or shoot. It’s always been in me and with me.

I know if you are watching this, you’re like me, and you want to express yourself and show the world what you’ve got, but you don’t have the funds, or the knowledge of cameras and lenses, or you’re at a loss when it comes to scheduling crew and actors… or maybe you’ve made films and you know all of that but you want to share opinions on how to raise funds, or make a film with little to no funds. That’s what I am here to do. Communicate and share ideas with a community who shares your pain and or excitement.

That’s about it… Please share this video, or just comment and let’s get a conversation started.

I’m Harley Di Nardo - Indie Film Artists United, signing off and I’ll speak to you soon:)